Frequently Asked Questions About Renter Issues

When I rent a property, do I have to sign a lease?
A Landlord has the right to require a lease to rent a property. The requirement should be disclosed in an advertisement or at the time of a prospective tenant's inquiry. A tenant needs to be aware of all the requirements prior to entering into any contractual agreement to rent real property.
What fees can I expect to pay when renting a home or apartment?
Aside from any utility payments that may be a tenant's responsibility, the law in the State of California is quite clear on this issue.
Unfurnished - A landlord can request up to two months rent for Security Deposit.
Furnished - A landlord can request up to three months rent for Security Deposit.
The most important point is that the landlord applies their policy to all applicants equally. Requesting a copy of the landlord's policy can clarify matters from the beginning.
How do I find out about using my Section 8 voucher in Barstow?
Contact the San Bernardino County Housing Authority
(909) 889-9571 extension 202
How much is average rent in Barstow?
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What rights do I have as a tenant?
California Tenants - A Guide to Residential Tenants' and Landlords' Rights and Responsibilities
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